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Creating beautiful things is what I love doing…

What is considered to be beautiful is relative but name it and I can create it for you, ranging from a logo, business card, corporate design, flyer, brochure, magazine, poster and package design. Anything that suits your wishes and demands, both for business and private use.

Private use? Yes, that is also entirely possible. A CV, wedding invitation and other kinds of invitations: I can make this for you. Have you got a creative idea that has got you somewhat stuck? I can help you get unstuck or create something for you.

Take a look at my portfolio, which contains a small selection of things that I have done. Looking for more beautiful things? My web shop is also filled with things I have created myself.

Who is this creative person?
I am Jessica. Creative, loyal, open-minded and with a no-nonsense attitude. That is how I see myself. A passionate craftsperson with a great sense of humour.

Empathy, love, truth, joy, learning from and helping each other is what is important to me. That is why I decided to start my own business, to turn your ideas into something great together.

‘Seen from the moon, we are all equally great’
Multatuli (1879)

Some things that I have done…
I have worked for several employers in several sectors for more than 20 years. I have spent the better part of 11 years working for advertising agencies as an Creative Allround Desktop Publisher. I possess a broad knowledge in this field, both in technical terms and creative terms. Besides that, I have worked for postal services, for fitness companies and in public transportation.

What will it cost?
We will work this out together. Just get in touch with me, no strings attached.

‘Jessica is a professional whom I would blindly trust to take care of all my desktop publishing. She loves getting on top of matters, works hard, is meticulous and has a loyal attitude. Not only her technical skills are great, but Jessica also has a good heart.
Rick Klaaijsen | Creatieve Zaken

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