WITCH WAY?! the board game

What is your skill? Are your talents based on expression, power, feeling, knowledge of practical matters and/or ‘wisdom’? WITCH WAY?! is a game filled with humour, activities, fun facts, critical thinking and the occasional ‘aha erlebnis’. Coincidence does not exist, but luck can help you on your way. In this game, you will go on a magic journey across pagan seasonal festivals, elements and polarities. A great adventure for everyone who would like to get acquainted with witchcraft. WITCH WAY?! is all about love, truth and most of all fun.

WITCH WAY?! the board game is a long-desired project that I have worked on for quite some time. It initially started out as a joke/idea to create a game about the witch world. Now this game has turned into reality. After a lot of testing, love, truth and joy the board game is ‘almost’ ready to be published. The latest version is at the print shop and hope this will be the last round of testing.

Unfortunately, publishing the board game is quite expensive and I will need a starting capital to do so. A big part of the proceeds of my web shop will be used to finance my WITCH WAY!? project. Should there be (enough) interest in WITCH WAY?!, it will be possible to pre-order in some form or another. Or perhaps there will be crowdfunding possibilities.

I have certainly toyed with the thought of offering WITCH WAY?! to a game publishing company, but I have decided to keep it in my own hands. Why? Because I do not want the rules, design, the idea and essence of WITCH WAY?! to be compromised.

For the moment, the game will be made in Dutch. But WITCH WAY?! is certainly ready to be translated in English.

Are you interested in WITCH WAY?! the board game? Then send an email to info@magical-element.com with in the subject: ‘WITCH WAY ?! Yes, of course I want that! ;-).’ In that way, I will know that you want to be added to the mailing list and I will keep you updated if there is any news about the developments of the game. For international visitors: please, do subscribe!

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